Don’t Respond to a Demand Letter on Your Own

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There are probably three things people enjoy seeing least in their mailbox: junk catalogs, a jury summons, and a demand letter. Of these three, however, receiving a demand letter can be the most alarming, and for good reason.

Demand letters are formal notices sent by one party in an attempt to compel the receiving party to take some sort of action. Such actions can be pretty much anything, but they usually concern payment for something the sender believes the recipient owes, such as an alleged debt or compensation for alleged physical or financial injury.

What Should I Do After I Get a Demand Letter?

If you’ve received a demand letter, immediately contact an attorney for help. Never ignore a demand letter, but don’t write a response on your own either. Only an attorney can offer the legal advice and services necessary to help you defend against a demand letter.

Why Shouldn’t I Write My Own Response?

You shouldn’t respond to a demand letter on your own because you can unintentionally increase your exposure to liability and legal action against you. Although the demand letter you received isn’t a legal document, it and any response you send back may be admitted as evidence in a future lawsuit.

Most people are not trained to write in a way to protect their liability, so even a seemingly reasonable and well-written response can have all kinds of unintended consequences. For example, someone may unintentionally offer information that can be used against them. Many are also surprised at the damage that vague language or even a single misplaced word can do.

A lawyer, however, understands how to write in the manner necessary to protect a client’s liability and interests. By deferring to your attorney for their guidance and services in this regard, you can increase the possibility of avoiding unnecessary legal trouble.

Are Demand Letters Serious?

Demand letters are absolutely serious, and you should take them seriously. The fact that someone is investing time and resources to send you a formal letter to demand something from you is evidence of their seriousness. It can also signal their intent to take things a step further, which can mean naming you in a future lawsuit.

Do I Legally Have to Respond to a Demand Letter?

There is no legal requirement to respond to a demand letter, but don’t brush it off – and don’t make the decision to respond or not on your own. Just as drafting your own response can cause you legal trouble, so too can making the choice to respond or not without advice from legal counsel.

Again, defer to your attorney for guidance on this matter to shield your liability and prevent unnecessary legal problems. Chances are your attorney will advise a response and help you write one.

Who Can Help Me Write a Response to a Demand Letter?

If you recently received a demand letter from anyone and for any reason, you can reach out to The Law Office of Magdalena Zalewski for help. Our attorney can offer legal advice and services backed by her many years of experience helping clients protect their liability after receiving demand letters.

We understand you can be confused and frustrated during this time. Rest assured that our legal counsel can help you make sense of this situation and make the decisions that can work well for you.

Learn more during a free initial consultation. Contact The Law Office of Magdalena Zalewski online now to get started.

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